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September 16, 2010

We at are happy to announce the launch of a new and completely different medical encyclopedia. After all the efforts on the development stage, the top of iceberg is finally starting to appear on the vast spaces of the Internet.

I bet that you, as new comers, are interested to know what is.

Well, we are happy to answer your question. is a self-funded medical portal that currently incorporates several key features. Amongst them there are:

  1. Descriptions of well-known drug categories according to anatomic & therapeutic characteristics.

  2. Dosage identifier – a tool used to calculate drug's dosage according to your unique parameters. The dosage identifier currently includes more than 500 widely prescribed drugs and drug combinations, and it is planned to be significantly expanded.

  3. More than 600 pathologies definitions soon to be made, with detailed key terms explanation.

  4. A number of articles on the most time-sensitive problems that have appeared in health care and disease treatment nowadays.

  5. Accurate and timely news on a number of medical topics.

  6. Ask a Pharmacist feature that allows you to address any question about your health or any medication to our specialists.

All of the above and much more, you will find on that is the only medical portal that not only provides you with medical information, but is also open to change and new ideas...

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