Which are the benefits of Vitamins group B?

June 22, 2011

The vitamins of group B – B6, B12 and folates actually nourish our brain.

However, it is still expected to investigate the connection between vitamins and our brain function.

Lindsy Allen, a nutritionist from the U.S. Department of Agriculture took part in an ongoing investigation. During this investigation there were studied the role of vitamins group B in patients with impaired brain function.

The study, headed by Mary Haan from the University of California, San Francisco is the part of a long-term research “Sacramento (Calif.) Area Latino Study on Aging” or “SALSA”. Being started in 1996, it includes 1800 Spanish – speaking elderly people at the age of 60-101 years.

According to Allen's opinion, the research is necessary because many scientific investigations, concerning vitamins of group B and brain functions connection, presented rather contradictory results.

Analysis of volunteers blood samples showed that the reduced folate levels were connected with the signs of dementia and poor function of the brain. Such deterioration was diagnosed in spite of the fact that less than 1% of volunteers experienced the lack of folates.

The women's low levels of folate were directly connected with the depression symptoms. Actually, the women, whose folate levels were the lowest, risk to identify the depression symptoms was two times higher than in others. These investigation results confirm the connection between low folate level and depression. And depression as it is commonly known negatively affects the brain functions.

The scientists also discovered that a protein, known as holo TC (holotranscobalamin) may be essential in early diagnosis of mental and CNS diseases.