A special vaccine can prevent breast cancer

June 22, 2011

The British scientists have discovered a new remedy, which can make a breakthrough in oncological diseases treatment. A group of specialists from Cambridge University was able to determine the mechanism in accordance with which the cancer cells protect themselves from the affection of female body immune system, as well as how to prevent its action. As it turned out, the cancer cells protection from destruction is achieved due to a specific protein production. Its suppression, on the contrary, significantly increases the chances for a successful breast cancer recovery. As Douglas Fearon, Professor of Immunology, the leading author of the study explained that physicians had made the appropriate tests on laboratory rats. however the similar laws also act in the female body. Thus, the doctors discovered the existence of a special protein (alpha – protein, contributing to fibroblasts activation) during the laboratory experiments.

This protein stimulates the protective mechanisms of the immune system in case of wounds, accelerating the damaged cells and tissues healing. However, cancer cells are perceived by these molecules as the damaged ones and instead of destroying them, the protein, on the contrary, feeds the tumor. Cancer cells were rapidly killed by the genetically modified rodents with the proteins absence. According to Dr. Fearon's opinion, physicians will be able to create an effective breast cancer remedy in the near future, based on obtained data.