Lung cancer is quickly detected by spiral tomograph

June 22, 2011

A new major research carried out by The National Cancer Institute and also involving the experts from Brown University, found out that screening of malignant lung tumors can reduce fatal cases by 20% in comparison with the radiological chest examinations. The effectiveness of helical computed tomography (CT) is proved, says Gatson, the director of American College of Radiology and Biostatistics.

There was held a consortium, which included 53000 smokers. There were those ones among the volunteers, who gave up this harmful habit, the men and women age was 55 – 74 years. The event united 33 stations over the whole territory of the USA. The investigations lasted for 20 months. The examined people were occasionally divided into 2 groups, one category of whose was made an X – ray, and the other one was examibed by a spiral computed tomography.

The elaboration of the so – called card for the future state policy in the field of cancer prophylaxis and treatment is one of the organized study direction, explained the co - author the Doctor of Medicine Denise Aberle. The spiral computed tomography takes pictures of all organs in the upper part of the body in comparison with the standard X – ray, while an X – ray gives pictures where the anatomic structures overlap each other.