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Drugspedia.org is an information portal dedicated to health issues, medicines and their dosages as well as various disease a person can face. We are a free resource and do not represent any pharmaceutical company, thus all the information found here is unbiased.

Drugspedia.org is aimed at mass audience, including health care professionals who would like to share their experience with others.

If you are prescribed a drug and would like to check if you have been put on a right dosage, we developed a special tool called Dosage Identifier that will help you verify everything. Our special feature Ask a Pharmacist will always keep you up-to-date in case you need more specific info about your medicine and treatment.

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive health-related informational resource on the web that will allow visitors to be better informed and become more confident in health care decisions.

We use multi-stage process to create information for Drugspedia.org. Content is created by our healthcare professionals which use with this aim different medical references including textbooks, medical journals, drug information provided by FDA, medical articles and news. Then this information is reviewed by specialists from various branches of medicine. As medical information is constantly changing, we regularly review our all the information on Drugspedia.org for accuracy.

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