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Trade Names:Dovonex, Daivonex, Dovobet, Diavobet
Information: Must be applied 2 times a day on affected skin. Do not apply on face. During the treatment, patients must avoid natural or artificial sun light. The drug must not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Trade Names:Atacand
Information: The treatment with Candesartan should be carried under your health care provider supervision. You should not take the medication on your own initiative with medical approval. You should take tablets with sufficient amount of water swallowing whole without chewing. You can take tablets with or without food. Try to take tablets at the same time each day. This will help to maintain the constant level of Candesartan in your blood. For Candesartan to work properly, you have to take it as prescribed.
Candesartan, Hydrochlorothiazide
Trade Names:Atacand Plus, Atacand HCT
Information: The treatment with Atacand HCT should be carried only under your health care provider supervision. Initial therapy of hypertension is usually appropriate to begin combination therapy only after a patient has failed to achieve the desired effect with monotherapy. You should not take Atacand HCT on your own initiative without medical approval. Tablets should be taken with sufficient amount of water swallowing whole without chewing. You can take the medication with or without food. It is recommended to take tablets at the same time each day according to the scheme of therapy.
Trade Names:Capastast, Lykocin
Information: Capreomycin is used to treat tuberculosis (TB). It is given with other medicines for TB.To help clear up your tuberculosis (TB) completely, you must keep taking this medicine for the full time of treatment, even if you begin to feel better. It is also important that you do not miss any doses. The treatment should be carried only under your health care provider supervision and injections should be made only by a specialized medical staff. Capreomycin is used in a second line treatment when the primary agents (isoniazid, rifampin, ethambutol, aminosalicylic acid, and streptomycin) have been ineffective or cannot be used because of toxicity or the presence of resistant tubercle bacilli.
Trade Names:Capoten
Information: The preparation is taken 1 hour prior to the meal intake. The dosing schedule is determined individually. The preparation should not be used during pregnancy due to possible injury or even death of the developing fetus. The drug must be used with caution in treatment of patients with
Captopril, Hydrochlorothiazide
Trade Names:Capozide
Information: The preparation should be administered an hour prior to the meal. Extra caution should be taken when administering the preparation to black population. The dosage of the preparation needs additional adjustment in cases of patients with impaired renal function.
Trade Names:Soma
Information: The maximum daily dosage of Carisoprodol should not exceed 1,400mg of the preparation. The drug should not be used for long term treatment(more then 3 weeks). The drug belongs to FDA Pregnancy category C.
Trade Names:Coreg, Dilatrend, Carvedilol
Information: The preparation is intended for oral use. The drug is administered without maceration, washed down with sufficient quantities of fluids. The preparation should be used with caution in patients with mild to moderate renal insufficiency. A dosage correction is only required in patients with severe renal failure. Elderly patients do not require a dosage correction.
Trade Names:Cancidas
Information: The preparation may be taken without a dosage correction in patients with mild to moderate hepatic or renal impairment. No dosage correction is also required in elderly patients.
Trade Names:Ceclor, Distaclor, Keflor, Raniclor
Information: The preparation is used orally. The preparation in suspension form maybe used during the meals as that does not affect the drugs absorption. If a single dosage of the preparation has been interrupted the patient should take the dosage as soon as possible. The patient should be informed by the doctor that inability to comply with the dosing schedule may cause possible aggravation in the disease development. The length of the therapy is prescribed individually, however the average course is 7-10 days. Additionally the treatment should be continued for 2-3 days after the disappearance of the symptoms. No dosage adjustment is required in patients with impaired renal function.
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