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Carbuncle is a purulent acute-necrotic skin and subcutaneous layers inflammation, which is localized around groups of hair follicles and sebaceous gland, which expresses a tendency for spreading quickly to the surrounding tissues.

The inflammation is normally localized on the back of the chin, face, back, buttocks.

Carbuncles frequently appear on impure skin and skin to which friction is applied, due to contamination with purulent microorganisms. The development of carbuncles contributes, diabetes, GI tract disorders, exhaustion, liver or renal disorders, avitaminosis.

The symptoms of the disorder include: skin inflammation, skin color changes to purple-blue, the process proceeds with pyogenesis. During the rejection of necrotic tissues a large number of small V-shaped wounds which turn into large ones with gray colored bottom and sapped edges. Carbuncles are accompanied by intoxication, increased temperature, in severe cases – vomiting, loss of consciousness.

As any other purulent inflammatory disorder a carbuncle should be immediately surgically dissected and the puss should be drained from the cavity. After that conservative therapy with the use of antibiotics, sanitation of the cavity should be performed 2 times a day until the wound is healed. The treatment should be performed in ambulatory conditions.

In order to prevent the disorder from occurring it is recommended to practice hygiene of the skin and underwear.

Drugs Used in Treatment of Carbuncle